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Council Assessment Panel

Council’s Assessment Panel meets on the third Tuesday of the month at 10.00am at the Yankalilla Council Chambers, 1 Charles St, Yankalilla.

 The Panel consists of four (4) Independent Members and one (1) Councillor, being: 

  • Simon Weidenhofer – Presiding Member
  • Kate Shierlaw
  • Damian Dawson
  • Sue Giles
  • Peter O'Neil
  • Ruth Trigg (Deputy Member)

A copy of the Council’s Assessment Panel Agenda is available for inspection at the Yankalilla Council Office and listed below, four (4) days prior to the meeting.

The recommendations within the Agenda are for discussion purposes. For the final resolutions on matters please refer to the Minutes of the Meeting.

Prior to the Council Assessment Panel, the Development Assessment Panel operated under the Development Act, 1993. Agenda and minutes are also available below.

Meeting Procedure

The panel meetings operate on the following basis:

  • The chair will open the meeting and advise all representors and applicants of the meeting procedure.
  • If considered necessary, the chair will invite a Council planning officer to outline the application being considered.
  • The chair then invites those persons who have lodged representations stating that they wish to be heard by the Panel, to come forward and address the Panel.
  • Each speaker is given up to 5 minutes to address the Panel irrespective of the number of persons being represented by the speaker. Panel members may also ask questions of the person.
  • Representors are advised to utilise their time wisely by concentrating on the most salient points they wish to raise - there is no need to merely reiterate their written representation as members of the Panel would have read this material.
  • After hearing the representors, the applicant (and/or their consultant) is invited by the chair to address the Panel. Again, questions may be asked of the applicant by members of the panel.
  • If no representors wish to be heard or the application was not subject to category 2 or 3 public notification the CAP may hear the applicant or seek a response from the applicant to a specific question from a member of CAP. This is at the discretion of the Presiding Member.
  • The CAP will then deliberate and determine applications, taking into consideration the report written by Council's planning staff, the relevant provisions of the Development Plan and the verbal submissions made on the application at the meeting.
December 18 2018
.pdf CAP Agenda 18 December 2018 Agenda
November 20 2018
.pdf CAP Agenda 20 November 2018 Agenda
.pdf CAP Minutes 20 November 2018 Minutes
August 21 2018
.pdf CAP Agenda 21 August 2018 Agenda
.pdf CAP Minutes 21 August 2018 Minutes
July 17 2018
.pdf CAP Agenda 17 July 2018 Agenda
.pdf CAP Minutes 17 July 2018 Minutes
June 19 2018
.pdf CAP Agenda 19 June 2018 Agenda
.pdf CAP Minutes 19 June 2018 Minutes
May 15 2018
.pdf CAP Agenda 15 May 2018 Agenda
.pdf CAP Minutes 15 May 2018 Minutes
April 17 2018
.pdf CAP Agenda - 17 April 2018 Agenda
.pdf CAP Minutes 17 April 2018 Minutes
February 20 2018
.pdf CAP Agenda 20 February 2018 Agenda
.pdf CAP Minutes 20 February 2018 Minutes
January 16 2018
.pdf CAP Agenda 16 January 2018 Agenda
.pdf CAP Minutes 16 January 2018 Minutes

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