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TV Reception

Having difficulty with your TV Reception?

Please try these steps prior to calling the television broadcasters.

If one or two stations are affected:

*    Check with neighbours to determine if they too are having difficulties

*    Ensure that your antenna is pointed towards the TV tower

TV Tower Locations:

Myponga: off the end of Trigg Point Road
Yankalilla: on Jervois Road
Carrickalinga: on the hill at the end of Brown Road
Normanville: on the hill above Turnberry Drive
Cape Jervis: on Sappers Road

*    You may need to re-boot power to your TV by switching the power supply off at the wall then on again

*    You may need to re-tune your TV again, follow this link for detailed instructions for re-tuning www.digitalready.gov.au/retune

*    Contact the appropriate broadcaster, see below as they may be aware of the difficulties and/or can refer the issue to TX Australia

Seven Network 08 8342 7777 02 8777 7777
Nine Network 08 8267 0111 02 9906 9999
Ten Network 08 8225 1010 02 9650 1010
ACB Network 08 8343 4000 02 8333 5598
SBS Network   1800 500 727

If all channels are affected, there could be, or may have been a power outage. Follow this link www.sapowernetworks.com.au and click on 'Customers' or 'View current power interruptions'  or call 131 261 to determine if there is a scheduled or unscheduled power outage that may have affected your tower location.

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