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District Council of Yankalilla
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Council Grants

Council's Community Grants 2017/18

In 2017/18 the District Council of Yankalilla adopted to make the following Community Payments:

  • Contribution to Myponga Community Centre - $25,000
  • Contribution to Myponga Playground (Myponga Progress Association) - $5,000
  • Contribution to New Year's Eve Parade - $11,000
  • Contribution to Yankalilla Memorial Park - $25,000
  • Contribution to Youth (including Operations Flinders) - $5,000

The Community Grants program this year has been allocated $40,000.

At Council's meeting on 18 July 2017, the following Community Grants Policy(382 kb) was adopted.  If considering applying for a Community Grant, it is important you read this policy which outlines many topics, including:

  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Making a Submission
  • Assessment Process
  • Conditions of a Grant

How much funding is available?

Council has allocated a budget of $40,000 to Community Grants.  Submissions up to a MAXIMUM of $2,500 are invited (Please refer to Policy for further details).

What Categories are available under a Community Grant?

Council has determined two main categories relevant for submissions within its Community Grants Program:

  • Community Development Initiative, and
  • New/Replacement equipment

May I Make Multiple Submissions?

Yes.  Council has determined that multiple submissions can be submitted, however you will need to specify how many submissions you are making and the priority of each.  This will enable the Panel to determine, should full funding not be available, which are to be given a higher priority during the assessment.

Latest Date for a Submission

The latest date/time for Council to receive a Community Grant Submission is 5pm Friday 29 September 2017!

What is a Community Development Initiative?

A Community Development Initiative collectively relates to a project, program, activity or event which encourages one or more of the following:

  • The sharing of skills
  • Inclusivity
  • Health and well-being
  • Arts and culture
  • Local and aboriginal history, and/or
  • Recreation and sport.

Organisations or groups must demonstrate their Community Development Initiative will:

  • contribute to resident's sense of community, belonging and pride
  • encourage residents to participate in social, cultural, health & well-being, environmental, sporting and recreational activities
  • foster greater social diversity
  • show the organisation has limited capacity to obtain the necessary funds through other means (e.g: with an audited financial statement for the current financial year)
  • encourage volunteerism.

Eligibility for a Community Grant

The following organisations can apply for a community grant:

  • Not for profit community groups and organisations,
  • non-government organisations (apart from local schools),
  • voluntary associations and small groups (if not an incorporated organisation, they must have a minimum of two (2) people nominated as responsible for the funds).

Applicants must either:

  • operate in the District Council of Yankalilla boundaries and primarily serve District Council of Yankalilla residents; or
  • are situated outside the District Council of Yankalilla boundaries yet provide a service that primarily benefits District Council of Yankalilla residents.

The following are NOT eligible for a community grant:

  • Political parties
  • State or Federal Government Departments and Services (excluding local schools)
  • Employees and Elected Members of the District Council of Yankalilla
  • Unions
  • Professional Associations
  • Organisations registered as a company limited by shares
  • Organisations who are not eligible to apply for a grant cannot apply on behalf of another eligible organisation
  • Individuals who are not residents or rate payers of the District Council of Yankalilla
  • Commercial or profit-making organisations.

Assessment of Submissions

Each submission will be assessed for completeness and compliance to the Policy by the Community Grants Assessment Panel (The Panel).

The Panel is made up of:

  • Mayor Rowlands
  • Deputy Mayor Jones
  • General Manager Customer and Community Services
  • Other Elected Members (to be determined for this year)

The Panel will make recommendations to Council for their consideration at December's Council meeting.


Timeline for Community Grants 2017/18


Community Grant Submission Forms

If you wish to apply for a Community Grant for a Community Development Initiative, please download and complete this SUBMISSION FORM(719 kb) ) (WORD Version(41 kb))

If you wish to apply for a Community Grant for New or Replacement Equipment, please download and complete this SUBMISSION FORM(665 kb) (WORD Version(39 kb))

All submissions MUST be made on one of the above Submission Forms.  Printed copies are also available from our Customer Service Team at 1 Charles Street, Yankalilla and the Centre at 181 Main South Road, Yankalilla.


Should you require any assistance competing the Grant Submission Form, please contact Gemma Russell (General Manager, Customer and Community Services) on 8558 0200 or via email to gemmarussell@yankalilla.sa.gov.au.


Individual Grants for Youth and Students

Individual grants are offered to eligible youth or students who achieve excellence in sport, cultural or other eligible fields.

This is an exciting new Grants Program initiated by the District Council of Yankalilla for their residents.

Guidelines and Application Form: Individual Grants Guidelines and Application Form(3925 kb)

Individual Grants for Youth and Students Policy: Individual Grants for Youth and Students Policy(194 kb)

To find out more about applying for a grant contact Rachael Reeves on 8558 0200 or email rachaelreeves@yankalilla.sa.gov.au

State and Federal Grants

Each year the South Australian Government and the Federal Government make funding available for community groups to assist with projects. Grants are made available through funding rounds that occur once a year and in a few cases twice a year. Advanced planning is essential to ensure that you get your applications in on time as usually only one month (or less) is given to write and submit applications. If you have a project that requires a lot of preliminary work such as building plans and costings it is important to have these ready to go in anticipation of a funding round being announced. Sometimes these grants require matching dollars to be provided by community groups.

Both Federal and State Governments have created websites to assist the general public to search for grants. The State Government site also allows you to register for an email alert system that sends information on grant funding rounds as soon as they are announced.

Federal Government: www.grantslink.gov.au

State Government: http://www.sa.gov.au/subject/employment%20and%20finance/Financial%20support/Grants

Sport & Recreation: http://www.recsport.sa.gov.au/funding-scholarships/index.html

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