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Fire Prevention

Block Clearing

Overview of the Requirments of the Act

Pursuant to the Fire & Emergency Services Act 2005, 105F – Private Land;

An owner of private land must take reasonable steps:

  • To prevent or inhibit the outbreak of fire on the land; and
  • To prevent or inhibit the spread of fire through the land; and
  • To protect property on the land from fire; and
  • To minimise the threat to human life from a fire on the land.

Private Land applies to all privately owned rural and township properties, including vacant ‘house blocks’ (investment or otherwise) within townships.

The District of Yankalilla is a rural area combining pristine beaches and coastlines with rolling hills, valleys, and lush pastures experiencing above average fertile soils. As such, Council maintains a focus on fire prevention.

There is an expectation that property owners adequately maintain their land at all times to minimise the chance of, and effects of bushfire, however particularly prior to the Fire Danger Season when vegetation dries off and outside temperatures rise. Council’s Fire Prevention Officer conducts inspections of properties throughout the area and issues reminders, and ultimately legal notices for non-compliance. As the Local Authority, Council may, and will if the need arises, conduct fire prevention works on your property, before recouping its costs to conduct those works from you.

Lighting Fires Across the District

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Slashing & Fire Prevention Information

Slashing and Fire Prevention maintenance is to be performed prior to commencement of the Fire Danger Season each year. (Normally 1st December to 1st April)

The following standards apply:

  • Within 20m of any building, reduce all grass, pest plants and undergrowth to a maximum height of 10cm and maintain at that level until the end of the Fire Danger Season.
  • If the land is a vacant block under one hectare in area, reduce all plants, pest plants, flammable material and undergrowth to a maximum height of 10cm over the entire block and maintain at that level until the end of the Fire Danger Season.
  • If the land is over one hectare in area, establish and maintain a fuel break around the whole area, as near as practicable to the perimeter. The fuel break must be a 5m or 10m wide strip on which all grass, pest plants and undergrowth is reduced to a maximum height of 10cm, and must be maintained at that standard for the entire Fire Danger Season.

The standards do not imply that every tree and bush need to be cleared.

Reference Websites

  • For guidelines on clearance for bushfire prevention visit the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources website.
  • For more information regarding bushfire prevention responsibilities for land owners visit the CFS website.

Proposed Burn Program

Burn offs in rural areas for agricultural and industry purposes may be conducted by authorities from time to time.


Pizza Ovens

Pizza ovens that use solid fuel such as wood, charcoal or heat beads may be used at any time of the year with the exception of TOTAL FIRE BAN DAYS.

Pizza ovens that use gas or electric fuel may be used throughout the year.

For commercial applications wishing to use solid fuel pizza ovens on total fire ban day a Schedule 10 permit from Council is required.

Please be advised that Council is unable to issue permits during the yearly Christmas closure.

Please contact our friendly Customer Service Team for further information (08) 8558 0200 Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm.

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