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District Council of Yankalilla
Made by Nature - Fleurieu Coast
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District Council of Yankalilla
Made by Nature - Fleurieu Coast

Local Government Land & Foreshore

Local Government Land

Local Government Land

A person on Local Government land must comply with a reasonable direction from an authorised person relating to:

  • That person's use of the land;
  • That person's conduct and behaviour on the land;
  • That person's safety on the land; or
  • The safety and enjoyment of other persons on the land.

A person who, in the opinion of an authorised person, is likely to commit or has committed, a breach of this By-law must immediately comply with a direction of an authorised person to leave that part of Local Government land.

An authorised person may remove an animal or object that is on Local Government land in breach of a By-law if no person is in charge of, or apparently in charge of, the animal or object.

Camping and Tents

Camping or sleeping overnight strictly prohibited.

NOTE: Camp -includes setting up a camp, or causing a tent, caravan or motor home to remain on the land for the purpose of staying overnight, whether or not any person is in attendance or sleeps on the land.

Dog Faeces

No person is to allow a dog under that person's control, charge or authority to be in a public place or on Local Government land unless that person has in their possession a bag or other suitable container for the collection and lawful disposal of any faeces that the dog may deposit (for the purpose of complying with their obligation under section 45A (6) of the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995).


Please refer to webpage - for outside of fire season regulations

  • In a place provided by the Council for that purpose, or
  • In a portable barbeque, as long as the barbeque is used in an area that is clear of flammable material for a distance of at least 4 metres.

NOTE: Open fires on Council owned land and foreshore areas are strictly prohibited.


No person shall, without permission ignite or discharge any fireworks.


Throw, cast, place, deposit or leave any rubbish, dirt or refuse of any kind whatsoever except in a garbage container provided for that purpose.

Model Aircraft, Boats and Cars

Fly or operate a model aircraft, boat or model or remote control vehicle in a manner which may cause or be likely to cause injury, or

Discomfort to a person being on or in the vicinity of the land or detract from or be likely to detract from another person's lawful use of and enjoyment of the land.


Behave in such a manner as to cause discomfort, inconvenience, annoyance or offence to any other person.


In any public convenience on Local Government land:

  • Urinate other than in a urinal or pan or defecate other than in a pan set apart for that purpose;
  • Deposit anything in a pan, urinal or drain which is likely to cause a blockage;
  • Use it for a purpose for which it was not designed or constructed;
  • Enter a toilet that is set aside for use of the opposite sex except:

(a) where a child under the age of eight years is accompanied by an adult parent or guardian of that sex; or
(b) to provide assistance to a disabled person; or
(c) in the case of a genuine emergency.


Deposit or leave thereon:

  • anything obnoxious or offensive;
  • any offal, dead animal, dung or filth.

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