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The District - 30 Year Plan

In 2008, Council commissioned the preparation of the District – 30 Year Plan to:

  • Identify the issues associated with future population growth;
  • Identify the Community’s Values for the District;
  • Provide vision to lead the future of townships within the District.
  • Inform future investment decisions by Council and Government in the provision of infrastructure and in meeting community needs;
  • Contribute to the State’s (then) upcoming review of the Planning Strategy for Outer Metropolitan Adelaide Region.

The District - 30 Year Plan process was staged over time.

Stage 1 of the District - 30 Year Plan is a detailed strategic plan for managing urban growth pressures in the district. It was adopted by Council in 2009 and responds to important community values on managing growth within the townships of Yankalilla, Normanville and Carrickalinga. It was also used as Council’s input into the State Government’s 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide during 2009.

The focus of this document is on the conservation of areas of high environmental sensitivity, increasing the amount of available open space and identifying potential growth areas which are consistent with these objectives. The plan reflects considerable community participation and has formed the basis for the preparation of a Structure Plan that identifies the ways in which population growth can be managed to best deliver Community and Environmental benefits over the next 15 years for these main towns.

The Stage 2 Issues Paper for the District - 30 Year Plan was prepared after considerable community engagement during 2010 and had a District Wide focus on the other townships, settlements and the rural areas within the District.

As a result of considerable input from the community, this document identifies a number of district wide and township specific issues that require investigation to update rural and township planning provisions within the Yankalilla Development Plan.

Both of these District – 30 Year Plan documents are part of Council’s strategic approach to the future development challenges within the District. Importantly, future development will be guided and managed in a manner that will ensure that key Community and Environmental objectives (identified during past community engagement processes) are achieved.

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